Solid Waste and Recycling Collection in City of Franklin

Scott Waste Services is proud to be the exclusive provider of residential and commercial garbage collection services for the city of Franklin. You will be provided with two 96 gallon carts for you to use as long as you are our customer. The cart with the green lid is for recyclable materials only. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ANY GARBAGE IN THE CART WITH THE GREEN LID. We provide once per week, curbside garbage collection service along with recycling once a month. RECYCLING IS THE 2ND FULL WEEK EACH MONTH ALONG WITH YOUR REGULAR TRASH PICK UP. Please place your cart within 3 feet of the street. Please place your cart out for collection the night before your scheduled pickup.

Click here for the 2019 City of Franklin Recycling Pickup Schedule

Recyclable items include:


• Aluminum
• Tin, Steel, and Bi-Metal Cans
• Lids from Jars


• Newspaper
• Cardboard
• Junk mail and other paper products
• Paperback and Phonebooks
• Magazines
• Paper grocery bags
• Cartonboard such as cereal boxes & shoe boxes (Flatten all boxes and remove plastic bags)

Do Not Include

• No food contaminated paper
• No hardcover books
• No photos
• No tissue paper, hand towels, or toilet paper


• All plastic containers and lids

Do Not Include:

• No plastic bags
• No Styrofoam


• No glass containers, mirrors, ceramics or light bulbs
• Empty containers only
• Rinse all food and beverage containers
• Flatten, crush or cut all cardboard boxes
• All Recyclables must be placed in the cart
• Set out your cart at least 2 feet away from other objects No Hazardous Materials including automotive liquids, garden chemicals, paint products, cleaners and fluorescent lamps